Carolyn K. Robinson

Carolyn Robinson
Film Maker
  • 907.248.4829
  • Anchorage

Steve Rychetnik and Carolyn Robinson are the team that operates Alaska’s premier film production shop, SprocketHeads. Sprox, what we like to call it, is better known for documentaries, high-end commercials, and movie productions. But, they like working with Lottsfeldt Strategies and have produced almost 99% of every TV ad we’ve made.


What’s your favorite childhood memory?


Camping, riding horses and swimming in the pond on our homestead.


Carolyn K. Robinson is the Queen Bee of Alaska-based film productions. She is the Owner & Executive Producer of SprocketHeads, Alaska’s only high-end film, commercial and documentary production company. Robinson is an outstanding team builder, with a proven ability to bring together the best writer, cinematographer, composer, editor, and talent to create award-winning television programming and commercials and support high-end and complex feature productions.

Her years of experience in Alaska and beyond, including her work as a producer for The Discovery Channel International Productions (London and Washington, DC) and Gannett’s USA Today on TV (Washington, DC), have honed her abilities to deliver and manage memorable productions on time and on budget. Her documentary projects include Aleut Story narrated by EMMY award-winner Martin Sheen, Alaska’s Bush Pilots: On Location with Jared Leto and numerous films for Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS). Other projects include production services for feature films and Alaska producer on MTV’s Music in High Places: Goo Goo Dolls. Robinson produced TV for five Alaska gubernatorial campaigns and one US congressional race.

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