Andre Horton

Andre Horton
Strategy & Operations Consultant
  • 907.444.9510
  • Anchorage / Juneau

Andre Horton operates Haka to showcase his business skills. He can crunch numbers with the best of them, but he also can translate what the numbers say into a dynamic, forceful business plan. Andre is a strategist and 'people person' who is comfortable in all situations. Andre is also an excellent photographer.


What would you rather be doing besides working?



Business Philosophy

Andre has a proven track record of strategic innovation and leadership. He thrives on being told “no” or that “it can’t be done” or “you are crazy”. Granted, he has enough business, personal selling, and community engagement experience, to know when something is a bad idea, but his skill set is knowing when to leverage and deploy that idea to success…and most importantly how and why to do so.

Many of his skill sets are intangible. He’s “that guy” who can thrive in a large room of strangers, or a specific group of executive stakeholders working diligently to find a critical solution for their enterprise. He creates value and drives innovation in spite of ambiguities, difficulties, and social awkwardness.

Andre has worked both as an individual, or within a cadre of diverse, creative, process and technology professionals to solve real problems. Most importantly, Andre likes learning…from experiences and other people. He thrives on being told “no” or that “it can’t be done”. The mindset of the former professional world-class athlete in him never retired.

His past business experience is in public communications, marketing, strategic management, business development, leadership development, and entrepreneurship. I have owned, purchased, sold, and failed in businesses across Alaska’s many market segments. Why mention failures? Andre believes in the power of vulnerability and surrender. People that know how to fail, are also the same people that can sustain success.

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